UNITY is a new American film to screen at the Arts Picturehouse, part of a worldwide event across the globe staged to feel more like a movement than a conventional release. At least in Cambridge, it’s modus operandi appears to be that if enough people buy tickets the screening goes ahead; if not then nothing occurs, and the only thing anyone loses out on is the soul-enriching experience of seeing a genuinely thought-provoking movie.

Utilizing some of the most compelling footage from across the 20th and 21st Century, the film documents and explores what it means to be human – our brief spell on the universal stage, how we separate ourselves from each other, and how we can come to recognize and experience compassion towards all living things.

This sounds like a pretty grand undertaking, but UNITY doesn’t come unaided. It’s 7 years in the making and features a cast of 100 different celebrity narrators – unique in cinematic history. Directed and written by Shaun Monson, the film is a profound meditation on life and what it means to be incarnate in this world – a message of love, tragedy and ultimately one of hope.

The film is set to premiere on August 17th at 8.30pm, and you can purchase tickets here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith