Of Riders and Running Horses

Cambridge Junction presents Of Riders and Running Horses, an exhilarating new dance event for six female dancers and a live band.

Choreographed by Bristol company Still House (namely one Dan Canham), the show tours the outskirts of cities to bring joy to urban spaces – shaking limbs, stamping feet and visceral movements to an insistent rhythm. It’s a conjuration; new skin for an old ceremony celebrating what it means to move together. Or as they put it, “the music is a rider and we are running horses”. Fair enough.  The live music is provided by Luke Harney and Sam Halmarack.

Potentially the most enticing bit is that it’s not held on Cambridge Junction premises. Instead, the performance takes place on top of the Cambridge Leisure Car Park behind it (you know the one, near the cinema and Nandos). Under an open sky it’s going to be a stunning spectacle – also a great way to engage with dance and movement if formal theatre isn’t for you.

The show takes place September 10th or 11th with tickets going for £12 or £8 concessions. Check out Cambridge Junction’s site here to book in advance.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith