Serial art photographer Jamie Tilley is a master of blank space, both visual and metaphorical. At its most striking his work is composed of simple geometry and clear lines, featureless environments evocative in their absence.

Jamie Tilly 2

And we’re not talking barren beaches or anything so dramatic: his playground is full of uninhabited offices, new home builds and construction site hoardings. Whenever people appear, they’re imposed squarely in the shot – fixtures in a muted context. New homeowners, Mill Road traders… as portraits they’re as dispassionate as they are intimate.

His current project is literally under construction, focusing on sites of buildings that aren’t there yet – a document of potential space in a world of never ending commercial development. It’s due for completion September 2015. The above was taken from ‘The Last Office Memo’, a series featuring potted plants in unnatural spaces. The following text accompanies:

“To water the indoor plants, bathed in incandescent light. Surrounded by synthetic carpets, glass partitions and plasterboard walls. Reflections of the unnatural, repeated in manmade patterns and metallic frames. At once brought back to life, a beacon of hope, a mournful nod. The last office memo.”

Photo of the Week is something of a redundant concept when an artist’s images are meant to work in series, so to pick one arbitrary point over another I’ve chosen the first image of Jamie’s I encountered. You’re encouraged to explore more of his work online here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.