On her recent trip over from Paris, dancer Blanche Laviale took time out of sightseeing to model for photographer Matt Widgery. The weather was hardly clement, but instead of letting the rain destroy the opportunity the water on the ground & the numb blue of the environment become part of what makes the shot so evocative.


The fact that the model is clearly Spiderman is obviously a key factor too. We asked Matt what appeals to him about working with dance and movement.

“Dance and photography are perfect opposites like colours on a colour wheel so they work well together. Dance is all about movement, fluidity, change. Photography is about capturing those transient things and fixing them. Dancers like Blanche are able to create movement that is not only beautiful in real time, but also has a hidden beauty that is only revealed when it’s photographed.

During the shoot Blanche was able to create sculpture out of her body. There is an apex of each move, a perfect moment of absolute expression. As photographers we live for this stuff. Dancers are in tune with it, and can deliver it on cue because they understand how to emote with their bodies. That emotion goes straight though the lens and hits the viewer in the face. You can’t ask for more than that in my business!”

For more opportunities to be hit in the face, you can find Matt Widgery’s website here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith