Appearing accompanied only by the caption ‘on stage’, the following image by German-born photographer Laura Zalenga is our highlight of the week. Known for her imaginative and affecting work, the image is characteristically haunting and evocative.

11866243_10155943909105472_8377551576384022694_n (1)

Amassing a large number of fans online, her work possesses its own visual language. Elsewhere, we see a woman holding herself with scars on her back where wings should be; a light casts a shadow bearing no resemblence to its owner, and a train of camels makes its way across a country made of skin. A lot of beautiful people flounce about in dresses.

Laura’s portfolio is replete with such wonders; not so much amplifying subtleties but honing them, shaping them into stories. From fantasy to simple portrait, all of her images are intimate portrayals of people inside their own worlds. They are their own protagonists.

A lot of people create work in this vein, but few manage to do so with as much substance and imagination. Crucially, Laura Zalenga’s photos need no captions or paratext; the images say more than words about them ever could. For more, visit Laura’s Flickr here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.