More akin to a fine artist than a photographer, Karl Dmitri Bishop paints with light. His work is not bound to time or subject; it exists in a rare atmosphere of its own creation, orbiting mythologies and dreams and sacred spaces.


An extract from a larger series, ‘Moha (Three Poisons)’ is modeled after an aspect of the bhavacakra, or wheel of life. Karl explains his fascination with and study of Hinduism and Buddhist philosophy.

“I spent some time in India researching local myths, legends and religious beliefs. Many still believe in witchcraft. Samsara on the other hand is reality; it translates to ‘wandering through’. I wanted to use this concept and explore the world between life and death, our reality.”

For all its allusions to reality, it’s an image that understands the power mystery has to create magic. To see the whole series and how ‘Moha (Three Poisons)’ fits in, you can find Samara here on Flickr.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith