You may think to yourself that the world isn’t ready for a video game charting the absurd adventures of a telepathic frog. Exotic pop outfit Orlando may not agree with this sentiment. There’s already a theme song written and everything.

Taken from a split tape between Orlando and Tomago, the two acts each contributed songs soundtracking videogames that don’t exist yet, inspired by “fictional worlds, imagined quests, and surreal dreams.” Orlando is the alias for Cathy Lucas and her eclectic collaborations, and brandishing the sort of woozy space age sound any Stereolab fan will swoon over the music she makes is sublime.

You can find Orlando and friends on Ram Tapes, The Association for the Re-Alignment of Magnetic Dust, and Wysing’s Space Time: The Multiverse will unfold September 5th, noon til midnight. Pick up tickets here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.
Image by Anders Birger.