LoneLady is Julie Ann Campbell, one of the many awesome acts to populate Wysing’s annual music festival this year. Julie hails from Manchester, all her music home-recorded in studio ‘The Concrete Retreat’ but brought to live audiences as a four-piece.

LoneLady play colourfully decayed funk, channeling the inventiveness of post-punk through a scratched filter of disco-lit ’70s grooves and DIY drum machines. The guitar work is restless and intricate, riding on minimal beats and synthetic percussion. Extended track times give the songs free range to explore every permutation, and the music is immediate and energetic – a lively kaleidoscope of sound leaving no room for filler.

Second LP ‘Hinterland’ is out now on Warp Records. LoneLady perform on the gallery stage at Wysing Art Centre’s festival Space-Time: The Multiverse, scheduled September 5th. Tickets available here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.