james holden

A reprise of their collaboration for Sonar 2014, IDM producer James Holden and dancer-choreographer Lucy Suggate join forces for a set at Wysing’s Space-Time festival this year. The essential Tom Page joins Holden on drums.

Embracing analogue synthesizers and all their tactile imperfections, Holden is an artist completely in tune with his instruments. His most recent album The Inheritors has been hailed as a landmark of the genre – an entrancing, complex and deeply involving record which for all its innovation conjures something old and shamanic from its depths. Lucy Suggate is no stranger either. Nationally and internationally recognized, Lucy has an ecelctic and articulate body of work stretching back to 2006. Collaboration between the two artists is a reminder of the deeply transformative power of both mediums.

James Holden and Lucy Suggate take the gallery stage at Space-Time: The Multiverse on September 5th. Tickets for the festival can be purchased in advance here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.