Ultimate Painting, the duo of James Hoare (Veronica Falls) and Jack Cooper (Mazes), have announced a new single “(I’ve Got The) Sanctioned Blues” (released 28th August). It’s taken from will their forthcoming sophomore album, Green Lanes (released 7th August 2015 via Trouble In Mind). ??

“The Conservative government that we’ve had in the UK for the last 5 years have been particularly hard and cruel on the less fortunate members of society. Someone who’s found themselves unemployed has to jump through a variety of hoops to receive a jobseeker’s allowance; a paltry amount of money to help support themselves,” explains Jack, who wrote the song and takes the lead vocal.??

“If you’re late for your meeting or you fuck up some paperwork, they slap you with a sanction and the tiny amount of money you’re getting by on gets taken away. It’s straight out of Catch 22. “(I’ve Got The) Sanctioned Blues” is us trying to make sense of that. Songs that borrow the imagery and rhythms of the railway are as old as the railways themselves… We didn’t really set out to fit in with that tradition but I suppose that’s where it’s at.”