In the first of what could potentially be a string of remixes, Wooden Arms and Tom Adams have released ‘Tide’; a gorgeous reworking of the title track from the former’s debut LP, out last year on Butterfly Collectors.

Both born from the featureless witchlands of East Anglia, it was only a matter of time before the two bumped into each other creatively. Sharing a similarly atmospheric sound of warm feels, orchestral instrumentation and graceful elegy the two entities make easy bedfellows, as is apparent from this first remix ‘Tide’.

Comparable to some of his peers over at Erased Tapes, Tom’s music lives somewhere between organic and digital worlds, taking suggestions from one while textures from the next. The original’s gorgeous opening violin is processed through tape machines and home-built software patches til it takes on a life of it’s own, more akin to techno than chamber pop by the end.

It’s a really satisfying listen, and goes exactly where you hope it will; have a listen below.

Image by Salon IKSV.