Time Now For Ghosts cropped

Live art collective SHINDIG announce their latest venture, an original music and performance piece unfolding across three movements inspired by mythology, folktale and the female form. Written for one pianist and one dancer, Time Now For Ghosts takes place in St Paul’s Church and is staged at sundown; a nocturnal foray into myth and magic, wordless and spotlit in the darkness.

Frequent purveyor of live happenings, SHINDIG host and curate unique and unrepeatable performances that span multiple mediums at once. Time Now For Ghosts follows on from previous bespoke shows such as March’s Circuit Cambridge & Kettle’s Yard collaboration Murmuration, or last year’s live film score series with groups such as Fuzzy Lights, Lost Harbours and Her Name is Calla.

July’s performance is led by Northern Irish pianist Gaze is Ghost and Parisian dancer Blanche Laviale. Between them they have worked with poets, filmmakers and installation artists, the latter a visual artist in her own right. This will be Gaze is Ghost’s first performance in England since last year’s show with Wooden Arms and at Cambridge Junction’s Women of the World, and the first since her latest single ‘Revolvere’ attracted wider positive attention.

Time Now For Ghosts is showing July 25th in St Paul’s Church Cambridge, starting 9pm. You can purchase tickets in advance here.