paul kindersley

Philip Cornett and Paul D Kindersley announce a new open residency in Changing Spaces’ Norfolk Street site, capitalizing on the artists’ combined artistic practice of drawing, performance, sound, video and installation to explore queer identity. The project runs throughout July, spiking regularly with intriguing evening events, and is born from a yearning for a queerness which is not yet here.

Inspired by the words and work of enigmatic utopian Jack Smith, LOTUSLAND aims to create a purpose-built platform and space in which both the artists and the public explore ideas of identity, gender and sexuality, particularly regards to queer culture and identity. By virtue of its influences, the work naturally asks questions regarding the purpose and value of aesthetics in society:

“Could art be useful? …art must not be used anymore as another elaborate means of fleeing from thinking because of the multiplying amount of information each person needs to process in order to come to any kind of decision about what kind of planet one wants to live on before business, religion, and government succeed in blowing it out of the solar system.”

Paul Kindersley’s‘s work is about blurring lines, occupying a liminal space between fantasy and reality that plays with ideas glamour, celebrity and pop-culture realities filtered through personal experience and history. He creates installations, personalities, cultural intereactions and blogs, to name but a few mediums. Philip Cornett works with sound, video installation and performance art to explore identity, gender, sexuality, normativity. It is about overcoming homophobia on both a microinsult and institutional level and making ones queerness visible.

philip cornett

If you’re one of those people concerned about a clandestine Homosexual Agenda, LOTUSLAND could be a close approximation of what its HQ would look like. The following events will be happening as part of the residency:

10.07.15 – Jack Smith / Queer Film Screening
17.07.15 – Performance Evening
24.07.15 – Performative Dinner by Ulrara Tsuchiya
31.07.15 – Performance Evening

All LOTUSLAND events start at 7pm, and bookings can be made here.