Goshawks Collective are not ones for simplicity.

SHADOWISM, December’s 3 hour live installation, saw the trio in the centre of a darkened 360° space, manipulating audiovisual materials to create an all-consuming, constantly evolving environment – ambient in all senses of the word. Wanna know what Xeno’s Paradox had to do with anything? Of course you do. Interactions, a piece for Henri Gaudier-Brzeska inspired happening ‘Murmuration’, featured field recordings, natural sounds, acoustic improvisation and sound manipulation alongside the assertion “everything is spontaneous, everything is pure, everything is voyeuristic”.

Interdisciplinary artists Crosby, Abbot and Brown may not spawn any runaway chart hits any time soon, but if you’ve read this far chances are that’s not what you’re looking for in your life right now.


Come, Heavy Sleep leans further into reaction and interpretation, luring audiences into a makeshift cinema for improvised video (beamed in from elsewhere in the building), live soundscapes and re-contextualized classical guitar pieces – literally, an experimental film evening. Themes include “sleep, dreams, nature, melancholy, sleep paralysis, Elizabethan England, escapology, cognitive dissonance, and intense intimacy.” Which is quite a lot to fit into 50 minutes.

As an installation it also explores:

“…how historical material can be handled and re-appropriated in contemporary environments, and how pre-existing works, with legacies of their own, can cease to assume their own internal narrative, and instead contribute to a new, larger work with an over-arching narrative.”

There’s a sense with all Goshawks’ projects that the performance is as much live research as it is recitation – which is part of what makes it exciting. Come, Heavy Sleep takes place at Anglia Ruskin University, Wednesday evening at 5:45pm. Entrance is free, but there will be no late admittance – more info.


Images by Marta Ferreira, Josh Murfitt.
Please note ‘o’ in Goshawks should have a macron.