Dilly Dally photo 1 credit David Waldman SMALL

For twelve years Katie Monks and Liz Ball have been connected through music. A sister-like bond that requires no words. The two Toronto-based musicians met in high school over a common love of legendary bands like The Pixies, scrawling lyrics and poetry to mimic their heroes. Both self-taught guitarists, Ball and Monks also idolized the lackadaisical sorrow of Kurt Cobain, Christopher Owens and Pete Doherty, slowly manifesting that admiration into their own band they called Dilly Dally.

“We started a band because we believed in ourselves,” says Monks, “and we believed in Music — almost like it was a religion.”

Today, the band have announced that they’ve signed to Partisan Records (US) and Buzz Records (CAN) & will be releasing their first LP, ‘Sore’, on October 9, 2015. The first single, ‘Desire’ you can check out below…