preview // What Really Happened to the Weekend

Previews Two plays, two missing weekends - probably not for reasons you'd expect. A double bill of entertainly dark theatre coming to a Corpus Playroom near you.


Gytha Lodge and Sextant Theatre Company present a double bill of darkly comic, plot-twisting plays all stitched together into one evening. Comprising two one-act standalone pieces, Avoidance and Otherwise, What Really Happened to the Weekend is threaded with elements of surrealism, murder & intrigue, cleverly written and acted with an intensity guaranteed to grip audiences and keep them guessing.

Respective protagonists Harry & Hugh both have questions that need answering, and damned if the script is going to make things easy for them. Characters rebel against plotlines and the laws of physics take a vacation just when they need them most. Harry wakes up locked in a police cell with a murder charge and flaky memories, while Hugh finds a unexplained hole in his flat that swallows all the furnishings (including a poor pot plant called Nigel). It’s turning into a bad day for both of them, really, and both Harry and Hugh unravel their respective mysteries at their peril.

NDFA One-Act Playwriting critics described Avoidance as “an intelligent and amusing play with an element of truth/dare and surprise, exploring an existential theme,” whilst a publication called ThreeWeeks praised Otherwise as “A tight, clever production of a twisted, dazzling, roller-coaster script.” They gave it 4 stars out of 5 too, which in a competitive Edinburgh Fringe marketplace would be at least a 7 on Amazon.

What Really Happened to the Weekend is showing at Corpus Playroom on July 9th, 10th and 11th, starting at 7:45pm – you can purchase tickets here.

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