SHADOWISM offered audiences a one-off journey through a dense, multi-layered environment composed of 360° live audio and visual material. Free to wander around the space, individuals created their own experience of SHADOWISM; every movement and every different position influenced how they received the work.

“All pre-composed music is built from tiny fragments of larger notions. This aesthetic is mirrored in the imagery used whereby images have been deconstructed to a point where they have been relieved of their original meaning and context, therefore re-emerging as new forms with meaning and context of their own. The simultaneity of the various disciplines being realised during the performance produce an artistic interaction through which the images are feeding off the tempo of the music and the music itself is reacting to the imagery being created.”

For more information about the process and influences, read our article here: in conversation // SHADOWISM. The video above features small snippets of their 3 hour performance; if you wish to listen to the full recording, please send an email to Jacob Abbott.






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