Theatre company Curious Directive’s show Pioneer will be performed at the Cambridge Junction on Wed 18 & Thu 19 March. The show forms part of Cambridge Science Festival, where the curious directive are Theatre Company in Residence.

Curious Directive - Credit JMA PHOTOGRAPHY-76

It’s 2029. The first human mission to Mars has disappeared without a trace. It’s launch day for a new mission, led by a reclusive Indian billionaire.

Two Russian brothers drive a vintage Lada Sputnik 1.3 across Siberia in search of the birth of space travel.

?Imke and Oskar, a young Dutch couple living on Mars, are separated.

At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Maartje holds onto a secret about her sister on the other side of the solar system.
Pioneer questions when, how and why we must try to find a way to call other planets our home.?

To create this production curious directive has collaborated with company member and psychologist Russell Woodhead (who specialises in human space flight) and astrobiologist Dr.Lewis Dartnell (UCL).

The company will be the inaugural ‘Theatre Company in Residence’ at the Cambridge Science Festival and are also part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival whilst at the Traverse Theatre. These are entirely new collaborations for the company, theatres and festivals.

The ensemble was inspired by the overwhelming scientific scepticism surrounding the real-life first human mission to Mars (Mars One), which is planned to land in 2025. Mars One has invited applicants from non-scientific backgrounds to apply to a one-way mission to Mars. Pioneer is a response to this mission, celebrating the meteoric rise in interest surrounding inter-planetary space travel whilst imagining what would happen if our first quest to the red planet were to fail.