Alternative gig vandals SHINDIG are proud to be presenting a new interdisciplinary performance commissioned especially for you, dear readers.

Held over the Easter weekend in Cambridge’s Unitarian Church, neo-classical pianist Adam Vallance and multi-instrumentalist Henri Salonen were invited to create a new improvisational piece exploring the relationship between classical and contemporary instruments – each artist approaching the piece from different worlds and aiming to meet in the middle.

The pair will be accompanied by novelist and playwright Gytha Lodge, who will be narrating the performance with words projected high above the stage. Somewhere in the shadows she’ll be typing out a story stream of conscious, responding to the music as it happens.

Adam Vallance is a Pianist and Composer based in London, and released his first solo piano album Katzenjammer October 2014. His influences are range from Dustin O’Halloran to Hauschka, and could be seen as orbiting the same sun as people such as Nils Frahm and Max Richter. Henri Salonen is a multi-instrumentalist mainly occupying himself with film and game soundtracks, and plays many a stringed instrument – from double bass to mandolin to guitar.

Meanwhile Gytha Lodge is an award-winning playwright and fantasy writer, known for her dark twisty comic stylings. After beginning the UEA Creative Writing MA in 2011, Gytha began writing for screen and in prose. She completed The Butterfly Catchers, a literary novel set in the glittering 20s, in August 2012. She is now working on a second novel alongside a TV series and a full-length screenplay.

The performance supports a headline performance from Leeds 7-piece Tomorrow We Sail, whose billowing, reverb-soaked guitars, orchestral strings, and multi-layered group-harmony vocals have earned them widespread critical praise. Their sound and songs are perfectly suited to the atmosphere and acoustics of the Unitarian Church.

SHINDIG happens on April 4th, 8pm-11pm at Cambridge Unitarian Church. Tickets are £8 on the door, £5 in advance. For more, click either of these chaps – more info // advance tickets