When the great surrealist Salvador Dali declared that ‘surrealism is destructive, but it only destroys what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision’ I think he would have been pleased to know that over 25 years since his death that very belief is currently being applied to an upcoming comic play that is to be staged at the Corpus Playroom during Week 6. Funded by the CUADC and on from Tuesday 24th February to Saturday 28th February ‘Dreaming with Dali’ promises Cambridge the unique opportunity to journey into the mind of the great surrealist and to have audiences expectations of theatre freed from the shackles that limit their vision.

It is an ambitious production that aims to create an aesthetic the likes of which the team behind it claims will have never been seen before. Taking inspiration from the surrealist movement it aims to assault the senses with a fun and playful energy and promises to be an evening out unlike any other. The whole cast and crew have found it to be an exciting experience thus far where boundaries have constantly been pushed and new experiences welcomed. For instance, five foot eggs and stilted elephants aren’t usually found behind the scenes of student theatre productions but this is testament to the plays ambition and willingness to try new things out.

This is a new piece of student writing from Alexander Ilija Coles who inspired by a trip to Salvador Dali’s home in Portlligat decided to create a play that explored the inner workings of Dali’s mind. After hearing that to create many of his pieces Dali would let himself fall asleep and then paint or create whatever he found lurking in his subconscious it dawned that this could provide a fun narrative based story with Dali searching for the next great surrealist object through bizarre dreamlike sketch sequences. An exciting and unpredictable performance is expected with the creative team behind it hoping that to dream with Dali is to truly experience the feeling of being freed from those shackles that limit our vision.

Dates: Tue 24 – Sat 28 Feb 2015 at 9:30pm
Tickets: £6/£5.