A three time international poetry slam champion, Buddy Wakefield can perhaps be only described as a wizard with words with the ability to cause a philosophical shift in your soul. The man speaks with a tenderness that is simply astounding. His poetry read or heard can lead to a general lightness of being. His performance is heartfelt and comedic at the same time, bringing laughter and joy to the audience before hitting home a beautiful message of the human condition that we find ourselves in.

Hollie McNish is also an international poetry phenomenon, who has covered a diverse range of topics from immigration to breastfeeding with an incredible arsenal of words that leave people delighted and wanting more. Her poetry is performed with truth with layers of humour and wonderful social commentary peppered in between. Her words are said with a sincerity that makes you want to hear what else she has to say. Which is why she has become one of the most watched poets online, and she continues to astound and impress people.


Both of these titans in poetic talent are coming to Hammer & Tongue on Wednesday 10th December, held at The Fountain, Regent Street. Hammer & Tongue is a wonderful night of spoken word artistry, hosted by the amazing Fay Roberts. The night itself is an excellent starting point for those of you yet to experience performance poetry. It is a warm and very welcoming environment in which you would be able to enjoy the amazing talents of the main feature acts, see the open slam, and judge the participating poets if you would like to do so. Perhaps even come back a month later and perform one of your own pieces!

Words by Uppahar Ups Subba