Swim Mountain photo 1 SMALL

Swim Mountain will release their debut self-titled EP on South-London label Hey Moon.

The 6-track was self-recorded and produced by multi-instrumentalist Skyrme half in Los Angeles, half in London and features the widely-blogged ‘Dream It Real’. The EP is a psych-pop collage of sounds fusing ‘60s studio ethics and modern production techniques. Drawing influences from the harmony-heavy songwriters of the 60s and 70s (Argent & Blunsonte, Rundgren, Nillson and the Wilson brothers) and the Bossa nova chord progressions of Brazilians Tom Jobim and Joao Gilberto. Having been composed and recorded between the juxtaposing environments of rainy London streets and the sunny beaches of LA, this accomplished debut has a genuinely unique sound that is truly striking for a debut record.

Lead single ‘Yesterday’ is available for download ahead of the EP release on 29th September. This perfectly-crafted slice of pop offers one of this year’s most catchy guitar riffs, pitch-perfect three-part harmonies and production to match.