Sivu has announced plans for his debut album, ‘Something On High’, which will be released via Atlantic Records on October 6. This follows Sivu’s recent ‘Miracle (Human Error)’ EP.

Sivu has won widespread acclaim – and comparisons with the likes of Wild Beasts, Beck and Bombay Bicycle Club – for his idiosyncratic take on pop. His debut album, ‘Something On High’ is a beautiful set of starry, dark-night-of-the-soul symphonies: songs that shimmer with minor chord melodies and fluttering beats, but also move variously into aggression, orchestration or stillness. It was written in a period of transition for 24-year-old James Page, firstly following the move from a sleepy town in Cambridgeshire to the twentieth floor of an ex-council block in Kennington; and then from working in a call centre to his debut video for ‘Better Man Than He’, filmed inside an MRI machine, going viral. The name Sivu, which is originally Finnish, emerged when searching for translation of his surname: strange but memorable, it’s a fitting snapshot of the conflicted and lyrically direct mirror-image that would become his solo alias.