Local DIY art-rock merchants SHINDIG have revealed a teaser trailer for their slot at The Junction’s upcoming festival Night Watch, taking place from noon-til-noon on June 14th-15th. The short clip showcases footage edited together from live sessions and shows by all featured artists – the majority of it courtesy of Brother Bear.

Night Watch web

So what the hell is Night Watch anyway?

Built from a cast of at least several dozen, probably a lot more, Night Watch is the brainchild of Daniel Pitt and Phoebe Monk and aims to present Cambridge with the very best in alternative theatre and entertainment. The original part about it is that Night Watch is unrelenting; a non-stop 24 hours full of new performance, music, dance, theatre – even football. The full roster is being revealed in the run up, and you can follow the excitement on social media via the hashtag #NoonTilNoon.

Alternately, if you’re already sold, you can get tickets here.

gaze is ghost karl

Accompanied by live-looping prodigy Tom Adams and performance artist Blanche Laviale, contemporary pop composer Gaze is Ghost presents a surround sound, all-sensory set for audiences curious enough to stay awake for it. Built from looped vocals, piano and many sleepless nights, the trio perform an entirely new piece curated especially for Night Watch. It seems only fitting that their art draws upon the surreal, at turns mesmerizing, beautiful and unsettling, like a chance meeting with Lars von Trier down a dark alley.

No strangers to cross-medium working, between them the performers have worked with filmmakers, poets, installation artists and dancers; it seems only fitting that for this show they will be incorporating aspects of all of those disciplines. With each participant using their considerable talents to improvise wildly over a stunning cinematic backdrop, prepare yourselves for a performance which is unrepeatable, unrepentant and almost completely unique.


Led by Anglia Ruskin graduate and Sinead O’Connor look-a-like Theresa Elflein, alt-pop group MOUTH roll the roulette wheel for a one-off performance dictated by you, the audience. Throwing open the bounds of convention, the group prepare themselves for a unique set where the direction, delivery and drive is dictated by suggestions from the audience.

Randomized by the cold, clinical hand of a computer, directives can span anything from the practical – “Change Key”; “Increase the Tempo” – to the obscure – “Turn it Inside Out”, “Make it Black & White”. These commands are then interpreted live by the band, given warmth and meaning despite the apparent disorder of the source material. This is an experiment everyone is invited to participate in; to take part, register your ideas on social media with the hashtag #MouthToMouth.

To purchase tickets to Night Watch, click here.