gaze is ghost karl

images // Karl Dmitri Bishop

Shot by up-and-coming film company Brother Bear just hours before her triumphant show supporting Shield Patterns, the following previews an as-yet-unreleased song by composer Laura McGarrigle – rendered here in brooding, ambient tones using largely native instruments.

Often noted for her beautiful voice, anyone who’s listened closely to Gaze is Ghost’s debut album will know that it’s not her only strength. Each song is arranged with high levels of care and attention, frequently straying from established formats and typical instrumentation alike. Throughout one can hear saxophone, drums, sitar and violin, and rarely do the songs follow a predictable verse-chorus-verse pattern. Her new track, performed here with James Duffy, eschews some of the lightness of the composer’s debut and opens up darker spaces – its main instruments being a foot-pumped harmonium, loop station and guitar.

Not quite the final reveal then, but enough of a teaser to invite some welcome speculation.

This is the first original in a series of local live sessions shot by Brother Bear, whose work you can follow both on Vimeo and Youtube. An all-day filming session was held in the Chapel, asking musicians to bring both an original and cover song to the table and run with whatever works best. To listen to Gaze is Ghost’s spectral cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, click here.

To purchase Gaze is Ghost’s debut album ‘Plume’ visit her Bandcamp, or follow her on Facebook for updates as they happen.