live review // Jean Abreu: Blood @ The Junction, Cambridge
words // Hugh Mungous

Jean Abreu’s Blood was the first show of the Junction’s Spring season of theatre and dance on Wednesday night. A collaboration between Jean Abreu and two digital artists from Croatia, the piece featured Abreu dancing amidst manipulated projections with a soundtrack composed by Paul Wolinski of math rock band 65daysofstatic.

The seamless combination of Abreu’s live performance with the digital elements was impressive, the projections never seeming to restrict the flow and grace of Abreu’s movement.


The show alternated between Abreu at play in the digital dream-world and sections of direct address in which Abreu reflected on his own identity and shared his fascination with the inner workings of the human body. This is a fascination he shares with English artists Gilbert and George, whose famous pictures of magnified body fluids appear as part of the show’s projected imagery.

Overall Abreu made cavorting about with a bottle of his own piss and getting his buttocks out next to that iconic one of G&G a more elegant experience than one might imagine.

You can find future dates for Blood across the country here.

65daysofstatic are playing at the Junction in April – more info. New Art Club’s Feel About Your Body continues The Junction’s Spring season of theatre and dance on March 15th, and you can see the full programme here.