Underdog// episode 40

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Underdog// episode 40

Slatethedisco.com presents a weekly, 1-hr look at the Cambridge music scene – local bands, bands playing in Cambridge, brand new alternative music, or just stuff we like. Chris is away this week, so Jordan is joined by Matt from Saturday evening show Under the Music Tree…tune in for loads of great stuff, including Generationals, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Los Campesinos and album of the week from Splashh…

‘Why do you only call me when you’re high’ – Arctic Monkeys
‘Put A light on’ Generationals
‘Lemonade’ – SPLASHH
‘Coaster’ – Forest
‘What Death Leaves Behind’ – Los Campesinos!
‘Over & Over’ – Sivu
‘Jackie Boy’ – Scott & Charlene’s Wedding
‘God Save the Queen’ – Sex Pistols
‘Green & Blue’ – SPLASHH
‘Cut The Grass’ – Cheetahs
‘Burning like a fever’ – Death By Sexy

Underdog105 5th Sept 2013, Matt from UTMT sits in for Chris by Underdog on Mixcloud

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