Acoustic and Art Romsey A6

From today, multidisciplinary peasants SHINDIG begin readying their next show, which looks set to be something special.

Having been asked to run the closing party of the first annual Romsey Art Festival, the ladies and gents of SHINDIG will be constructing a holistic performance. Built from equal parts Toby Peters, Laura McGarrigle and Diane Morrison, the show will feature a whole host of collaborative acts and different mediums – including film, dance, and of course music.

Toby Peters

Toby Peters is a filmmaker, musician and generally talented man, whose award-winning work as a director is mostly directed toward local charities such as FLACK Magazine, Dance Moves, Squeaky Gate and Link Up & Feedback. His curiosity as a musician has led him from fairly traditional songs into territory one could easily define as experimental – loop-based compositions, collaborations with poets, and ambient / drone music. His specialty as a performer seems to be finding the common ground between words, images and sounds, and many a gig has benefited from his reputation and skills at structuring narratives.

Gaze is Ghost

Laura McGarrigle is best known as Gaze is Ghost, the pseudonym for her piano-based, genre-spanning compositions. Skilled both as live improviser and studio musician, her work tends to marked not only by her haunting voice but by the broad range of tones and compositional ideas that inhabit it. She creates ethereal soundworlds big enough to live in, if only they weren’t structured into songs. After garnering rave reviews on a number of indie blogs, and playing a number of largely winning gigs here in Cambridge, she will be returning from exile to curate the second half of the Romsey show.

Both artists are skilled at opening their worlds up to different performers, and working in an improvisatory way with other people’s musical ideas. As such, the show will be accompanied by a number of supporting roles, which are yet to be disclosed.


To follow up on what’s happening in rehearsal land, you can go ‘like’ the SHINDIG facebook for photographic updates of how the performance is progressing. Suffice to say, if you’ve ever been to a past event, you will know that the focus is very much on atmosphere and weaving subtle, surprising elements into the programme. This show looks to be a culmination of what has gone before; a bouquet of noise presented to you with as many ribbons as you can fit into a big beautiful church. Tickets are exclusive, so be sure to book in advance.

17.08.13 – St Philip’s Community Church, 185 Mill Road, CB1 3AN – more info // tickets