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Dubbed by many as the next Laura Marling and with names such as Bombay Bicycle Club and Noah and the Whale already amongst her acquaintances, the Warwickshire singer-songwriter is tipped for big things in 2012. Returning for another sold out gig at the Portland Arms, we dropped Lucy Rose a line with a few questions…

For any readers who may not be aware of your music, how would you describe yourself?
Cinematic, thought provoking acoustic funk.

You’ve played The Portland Arms before; glad to be coming back? It’s quite an intimate venue…
The Cambridge show on the last tour was my favourite gig of the tour. I’m so excited about coming back.

You perform both as a solo artist and also with a backing band. Do you have a preference for either, and which can we expect on the upcoming tour?
I wouldn’t call them a backing band, they are 4 very good friends of mine that I love playing music with. They are all so incredible and I feel very lucky to have them.
There are good things about playing solo and band but the songs are represented how I want them to be with the band so I’ll be touring with this set up.

Over the last few months you’ve supported both Bombay Bicycle Club as well as Noah and the Whale on their respective tours, you must have enjoyed those, right?
I have the best time supporting two such brilliant bands. I had a great time on both tours and couldn’t really believe it.

What, or who, music wise are you listening to currently?
Currently re-discovering Grace by Jeff Buckley which I loved when I was younger. Also loving Metals by Feist and The Maccabees new album.

When it comes to your songwriting – where do you draw influence from?
It used to be personal things related to me and song writing became my diary and way to release my feelings. As I’ve grown I’ve found myself getting more and more inspired by other musicians, books, films and still life. I try make sure everything I write has a personal connection to me in some way so that every time I sing the song I feel something.

For any aspiring Lucy Roses reading this – what did you personally find the most effective way of getting noticed?
I went down the open mic avenue and I loved every moment of it. The last 4 years have been a struggle but I never felt like giving up at any point. I suppose determination is important and I knew that I had to keep improving, I feel like that now. It really is all about the songs, so it’s important to work hard on the songwriting and find the right sound for your music. It took me a long time to discover what i wanted to be musically and since that things have made more sense.

You look to have a busy summer ahead – a quick look at your website gig listings shows a whole host of not only solo shows, but plenty of festivals as well. How do you find the experience of playing to festival crowds who are perhaps less aware of your music?
Festivals are a whole different experience to gigs. They are always such fun and the people always seem really open to discovering new music. I think I have 27 festivals booked in this summer, so I’m really excited.

What else does the remainder of 2012 hold for you? We hear you’ve got an album on the way?
I’m currently just finishing my album at the moment, I’m hoping for it to be out before the year is out. Fingers crossed.

And finally; we hear you’ve got quite an obsession with Tea. You get to choose one for the rest of your days; drinking Tea or playing live music. Which will it be?
What a question! Of course it would be playing live music but tea is very important to me.

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