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‘Man Made’ is the latest single from Clock Opera, due for release
on April 16th on Moshi Moshi/Island with their debut album ‘Ways To
Forget’ released on April 23rd. It was one of the first songs to be
written by the band and typifies the essence of Clock Opera – a
complex, euphoric track with an infectious rhythm and profound emotion.

The initial inspiration for ‘Man Made’ was ‘Woman’s World’ by Graham
Rawle, an incredible 450 page novel comprised of entirely cuttings from
women’s magazines from the 1960’s, with the lyrics constructed by
chopping up the words of a story about a Siberian women prison’s beauty
pageant where the winner was granted parole, as recalled by the (now)
old lady who won and was released.

Clock Opera will play Cambridge on April 21st

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