Obaro Ejimiwe went from being made redundant to signing a record deal in the space of a few days. The result of that record deal would be an album that went on to be shortlisted for last year’s Mercury Prize. ‘Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam’ is one of those rare gems of an album that surface with little hype or anticipation but move us through their originality. Ejimiwe under his stage alias, Ghostpoet, produced a debut album that stood apart from many others through its raw expression of modern observations of life.
The pensive and bold Ghostpoet kicked off his largest headline tour to date in Cambridge on February 13th, prior to the gig, Slate The Disco spoke to the man himself…

filmed and edited// Sylvia Witter
Sound// James Tyrrell
words// Jordan Worland
special thanks// Craig Parnell