live review// Standard Fare + Tigercats + Model Village @ The Portland 20.01.2012

First up on Friday’s triple bill were Model Village who are a local Cambridge band and play folk tinged pop. If you haven’t seen them, do, they have some great tunes and put on a good show. Their drummer couldn’t make it and so their keyboard player drummed and did a sterling job filling in. They currently have a split EP with Lipstik Lipsing from Semarang, Indonesia. Released by, and available from, Dufflecoat Records:, check it out.

The surprise of the night were Tigercats a five piece hailing from East London. Their sound is a mix of C86 indie, DFA drums and intricate guitar lines reminiscent of the African tinged guitar parts used by Vampire Weekend. They made a joyous noise and I just wanted to dance. Lyrically they sounded interesting and I shall be checking out their back catalogue of singles. One to watch.

Standard Fare came on and kicked of with Fifteen one of the stand out tracks off their debut album, The Noyelle Beat. As a song it encapsulate what Standard Fare are all about, catchy infectious tunes and lyrical vignettes on love, lust and dead end jobs, sample lyric ‘you were only fifteen what was I thinking, lying in your bed going this isn’t happening’. As well as fifteen they play a number of tunes off Noelle Beat including one of the set highlights Philadelphia. The new album ‘out of sight, out of town’ is a natural progression, more coherent with a number of stand-out tracks that were played tonight, 05.11.07, Suitcase and Older Women. The only disappointment of the night was the exclusion of Crystal Palatial. It’s an energetic punchy set that left me wanting more.

Tonight’s line up show’s that despite the reports of guitar music’s death it is in fact very much alive and kicking.

words// Dan Stagger
image// Tom Martin